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Autism Parent Logo

Autism Parent

Henderson, NV

The Autism Parent is an online platform that offers an easy-to-follow ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) training curriculum for parents. Their goal is to empower parents and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to teach their children critical skills. The Autism Parent Toolbox includes a variety of courses that cover areas such as language/communication, independence, school readiness, social skills, daily living skills, and more. The curriculum is designed to be used as a supplement to ABA services or for parents who lack access to services.

The Autism Parent believes that engaged and empowered parents are key to creating positive outcomes for children with autism. They provide step-by-step training, video demonstrations, and video modeling to help parents effectively implement teaching techniques and strategies based on the principles of ABA. Their approach focuses on using natural language, teachable moments, and natural teaching contexts to promote independence and growth.