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Azota is a well-established gas processing plant engineering firm based in Houston. With over 50 years of experience in midstream facility engineering, they have become experts in the field. Azota offers a wide range of services including engineering, design and drafting, fabrication, procurement, construction, retrofit services, training, and facility start-up.

What sets Azota apart is their commitment to transforming plants and cultivating success for their clients. They understand that the journey of plant transformation is complex and multifaceted. From the initial design sketches to the final implementation stages, Azota's team of experts is dedicated to realizing their clients' vision with precision and care. They pride themselves on delivering outstanding results and fostering a collaborative environment where client ideas are valued and brought to life.

Azota's solutions include helium recovery, natural gas liquid fractionation, nitrogen rejection, inlet liquid handling and condensate stabilization, amine treating for acid gas removal, acid gas injection, sulfur recovery and handling, gas dehydration, condensate stabilization, mini LNG facilities, refrigerated Joule Thomson (JT) plants, pipeline compressor stations, pressure swing adsorption systems, power plant gas pretreatment systems, cryogenic plants, and plant debottlenecking and modernization.

As a global firm serving major shale plays around the world with a strong focus on the United States for gas midstream needs, Azota is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect. Contact their team of experts today to discuss your gas processing project and benefit from their extensive experience and expertise.