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Behind the Logo

Hershey, PA
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Behind The Logo is a creative agency that specializes in brand strategy and design. They understand the challenges faced by businesses and offer customized branding solutions to make a lasting impression on clients, customers, and the community. Their services include branding and design, as well as website design. Behind The Logo creates clear and confident branding that authentically represents the business and weaves it into a unique visual look and feel that customers will love. They also help businesses showcase their brand and story through attractive and professionally designed websites. With their comprehensive branding services, they create a cohesive brand identity that truly speaks to who the business is and what they stand for.

In addition to their services, Behind The Logo also provides insights into their approach and philosophy on their About page. They understand the importance of branding in helping businesses grow and scale. They work closely with clients to create an eye-catching brand that aligns with their goals and objectives. Behind The Logo prides themselves on being more than just a branding agency - they strive to be strategic partners, helping businesses succeed and achieve their goals.