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Big Star Studios is a renowned performing arts studio located in Snoqualmie, Washington. With a passion for creating confident, compassionate, and thoughtful kids through training in the performing arts, Big Star Studios offers a wide range of classes and programs for children of all ages. Their dedicated team of instructors focuses on storytelling, on-stage performances, and performing arts education to uplift the voices of their students and make them feel seen and heard.

At Big Star Studios, students can explore various artistic disciplines such as theatre, acting, music, musical theatre, drama, dance, competition team, visual arts, workshops, and even private music lessons. The studio provides a safe space for students to grow at their own pace while developing self-confidence, problem-solving skills, communication skills, discipline, teamwork, work ethic, self-esteem, and performance skills.

One notable program offered by Big Star Studios is their competition performance team. This program is designed for serious performers who want to take theater, songwriting and dance to the next level. Running from September to June each year, it provides an incredible experience for both students and families.

With a child-led philosophy that supports socio-emotional development and meets the needs of young learners at their Little Stars Preschool program as well as a talented team of instructors who are passionate about making learning fun and engaging for students.

Overall,Big Star Studios has established itself as a leading performing arts studio in Snoqualmie by providing exceptional training opportunities for children to explore their artistic talents while building confidence and life skills through the performing arts.