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Bird and Branch Furniture is a leading furniture store in Thomson, GA, that aims to create an easier and more enjoyable way to make your house a home. With a thoughtfully curated approach, they offer a unique selection of furniture and decor that is handpicked and bought in small quantities. From antique coffee tables and nightstands to modern sofas, Bird and Branch Furniture offers high-quality pieces for your Thomson home. They provide curated, practical, and stylish options for those looking to refresh their space or undergo a complete overhaul. Bird and Branch Furniture also offers in-house delivery for a hassle-free furnishing experience.

The business started as a 10x10 booth at an antique mall in 2016 before expanding into a full-service furniture store in Thomson, GA in 2020. Founded by JoAnna, who has a passion for furniture and design, the store is backed by supportive parents and an involved husband. Bird and Branch Furniture chose Thomson as its location because it is where JoAnna and her husband live, emphasizing their commitment to investing where they reside. They are excited to serve not only Thomson but also the surrounding areas.