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Blue Umbrella Medical Center is a unique healthcare practice that uses an Integrated Team of providers to offer the most effective and innovative solutions for many chronic health conditions. They take a whole person approach, looking for solutions rather than just masking symptoms. By considering the individual as a whole, they can offer more lasting treatment options.

One of the key features of Blue Umbrella Medical Center is their collaborative approach. They have a team of providers from different disciplines working together, which gives patients more options and enhances the overall experience. This integrated approach combines the best of modern medicine and holistic healthcare, allowing patients to receive exceptional results without relying solely on medications or surgeries.

The center prides itself on providing innovative treatment options that are safe and effective. They continuously research and adopt new protocols and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure they can achieve real results for their patients. Whether it's addressing knee pain, anxiety and depression, regenerative sports medicine, allergies, neuropathy, chronic pain, or other chronic conditions, Blue Umbrella Medical Center specializes in finding solutions.

Customer testimonials attest to the success of their treatments. The center's team consists of exceptional clinical directors from diverse backgrounds who work together to meet the diverse needs of their patients. Their goal is not only to help patients get healthy but also to restore vitality and improve quality of life.

Blue Umbrella Medical Center offers a wide range of services, including regenerative sports medicine, IV therapy, chiropractic care, medical nutrition therapy, strength and mobility training, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), incontinence treatment, exploratory blood panels, and more.

Overall, Blue Umbrella Medical Center aims to provide modern healthcare with non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical solutions for chronic health conditions. They strive to empower patients with education and resources while delivering personalized care from an integrated team of providers.