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Maryland Heights, MO
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CerroZone offers three models of air purifiers to meet various air purification needs. The CerroZone Mobile is designed for larger spaces and has a capacity of up to 310 CFM (cubic feet per minute). It is suitable for use in offices, classrooms, or other commercial settings. The CerroZone Mini, on the other hand, is a compact and portable option with a capacity of up to 180 CFM. It is ideal for small rooms, personal spaces, or even for travel purposes.

In addition to these two models, CerroZone also has the CerroZone In-Ceiling/Wall-Mount in development. This model will offer the convenience of being installed directly into the ceiling or wall of a space, providing efficient air purification without taking up any floor or table space. It will also have a capacity of up to 180 CFM.

All of CerroZone's air purifiers utilize their advanced technology that has been tested and proven effective against airborne pathogens like SARS-CoV-2. These products are designed to provide clean and purified air by killing 99%+ of pathogens in a single pass.

For more information about these products and their specifications, you can contact CerroZone through their website or reach out to their sales team via email or phone.