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Client Connect

1700 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109
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Client Connect is on a mission to equalize access within the criminal defense system by connecting recently arrested individuals with highly qualified legal defense attorneys in their counties. They aim to provide every hour, social conscious criminal marketing by leveraging their proprietary contact tracing solution that has processed over 1.3 million arrests in some of the largest US counties. Client Connect offers automated criminal defense marketing through four different channels, including direct digital advertising that connects with existing website design and supplements the firm's search engine optimization efforts.

The platform recognizes the disparities in access to legal representation based on factors such as income, educational attainment, and race. Low-income arrestees are more likely to rely on criminal defense marketing and online resources to find legal representation, while highly educated potential clients may already have a lawyer within their social circle. Client Connect aims to bridge this gap and ensure that equal representation is available to all individuals.

They highlight the inadequate funding of public defense systems and emphasize that private criminal defense firms can advocate for clients more effectively. By bringing high-quality legal defense through their platform, Client Connect aims to support the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal and impartial justice under the law.