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Coles Aircraft

Zanesville, OH
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Cole's Aircraft Aviation Art, founded by Ron Cole in 2006, specializes in historic aviation art and relic displays. Ron combines authenticated parts of historic aircraft with his original art to create unique wall-hanging and desktop limited edition displays, which are only available on their online store. Their displays are handmade, and editions often sell out every week, with new editions introduced regularly.

Some of their special extremely limited releases include the 'Doolittle Raid' B-25B Mitchell s/n 40-2270 'Whiskey Pete' Relic Display and the Pfalz D.XII Wing Rib 18x12x3-inch Shadowbox Relic Display. These displays feature authentic pieces from specific aircraft combined with original artwork by Ron Cole. The products offered by Cole's Aircraft provide customers with a chance to own a piece of history and a conversation-worthy display.

Ron Cole, the artist and designer behind Cole's Aircraft, has over 170 original works of aviation and automotive art available as limited-edition prints. His artwork captures the beauty and history of aircraft, providing customers with an opportunity to own a stunning piece of artwork that also serves as a window into history.

For more information about the historic aircraft and parts in their collection, visitors can visit Cole's Aircraft World, which provides in-depth information about the aircraft and relics they feature.