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DJBTherapy, founded by D.J. Bishop, is a Boulder-area therapist practice that offers a range of services to help individuals on their journey towards healing and personal transformation. D.J. believes that everyone has inherent worth but understands that this can sometimes get lost due to challenges such as difficult relationships, trauma, addiction, and life transitions.

At DJBTherapy, clients have the option of receiving therapy in person or online based on their preference. D.J. utilizes various therapeutic approaches to help clients examine and reshape the stories that define their lives and relationships. This includes regular therapy work, professional consultation with colleagues, and ongoing professional development in trauma and addiction therapy.

Individual therapy sessions allow for one-on-one collaboration to understand the specific challenges clients face and establish short-term and long-term goals. DJBTherapy also offers intensive therapy journeys for those seeking a more accelerated healing experience. These individual intensives are tailored to each client's needs and utilize experiential therapies to cultivate profound healing, hope, and change over a few days.

In addition to individual therapy, DJBTherapy provides specialized services such as EMDR therapy, therapy for men, trauma and LGBTQIA+ therapy, as well as therapy for alcohol addiction and substance abuse. Group therapy sessions are available for individuals interested in healing from trauma or addiction. These group sessions create a safe space to address relational dynamics that cause pain and build trust and connection among participants.

Ultimately, DJBTherapy aims to guide individuals towards building a life of empowerment, agency, and connection. By re-envisioning their stories from painful histories into narratives of empowerment, clients can rebuild connections with themselves, family members, friends, and their community.

Contact DJBTherapy today to schedule a free 20-minute consultation and begin your journey towards healing and personal transformation.