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DigIt Signage Technologies Corp Logo

DigIt Signage Technologies Corp

5 Hub Dr, Melville, NY 11747

DigIt Signage Technologies offers high-quality digital signage solutions with its ChyTV products, derived from the expertise of Chyron Corporation in broadcast television graphics. The systems cater to various industries like retail, broadcast, education, and government, providing customizable text and image rendering. The company's history in developing graphic solutions for major networks ensures top-notch quality for clients seeking engaging digital signage displays.

The ChyTV digital signage systems are tailored for different sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, government, military bases, and educational institutions. With a focus on dynamic content management and distribution, the systems offer easy-to-use yet powerful solutions that can be updated remotely. Clients benefit from the versatile applications of ChyTV products in enhancing communication, advertising, and security measures within their premises.