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Elizabeth Dane, a holistic medicine doctor, offers a Meta Type Assessment Test on her website. This questionnaire is designed to help individuals determine their unique Meta-type, which describes how they produce energy. The test consists of five sections that cover various aspects of life influenced by the individual's Meta-type, including energy patterns, personality, physical appearance, functioning in life, and dealing with sexuality.

By answering the questions and receiving scores for each section, individuals can discover their Meta-type and gain valuable insights into their dietary and nutritional needs. Elizabeth Dane's approach combines Western science and Eastern medicine to create personalized health plans that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony. With her Metabolic Balance Program, she aims to help individuals achieve optimal health by tailoring recommendations specific to their metabolic type.

Through her holistic approach and personalized approach to wellness, Elizabeth Dane provides guidance for individuals to lead healthier lives and find balance in all areas of their well-being.