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Firefree Coatings Inc Logo

Firefree Coatings Inc

Novato, CA
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Firefree Coatings is a leading provider of fireproofing products, specializing in fire-resistant coatings. Their coatings are designed to retard the spread of fire and provide protection against flames and embers. The company has a wide range of products, including Firefree 88®, Firefree Class A, Firefree Exterior System, and Firefree Wildfire System.

Firefree 88® is a water-based product that has been tested to meet rigorous standards such as ASTM, NFPA, EN, FM, UBC, and SISIR. It offers excellent fire resistance capabilities, withstanding temperatures up to 2000°F for two hours. This coating is effective in confining fires to their initial room, minimizing smoke spread, and maintaining structural stability.

Firefree Class A is an easy-to-use coating suitable for residential and commercial properties. It meets ASTM E-84 requirements and provides noncombustible protection for wood materials like plywood, OSB, and Douglas fir.

The Firefree Exterior System consists of two parts: Firefree Class A (FfA) and Firefree Exterior Topcoat (FfE). FfA offers crucial fire retardant protection that meets ASTM E 84 standards. FfE enhances the fire resistance of FfA by protecting it from weather conditions like moisture and UV rays.

The Firefree Wildfire System is the only exterior coating that meets fire and weather standards for use in wildfire-prone areas. It conforms to ASTM D2898 method B for weatherization, making it ideal for exterior applications.

With their commitment to quality and safety, Firefree Coatings has gained recognition from industry organizations such as FM 4470 Class 1 Approval. Their products are trusted by customers worldwide for their proven performance in fire protection.

Contact Firefree Coatings today to explore their range of high-quality fire-resistant coatings and enhance the safety of your property.