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Green Earth Power Wash Logo

Green Earth Power Wash

4455 Saturn Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33406
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Green Earth Powerwashing is a reputable commercial power washing company that has been in the industry since 1992. They are known for their expertise in a range of commercial pressure cleaning services. The company takes pride in their commitment to customer satisfaction and providing high-quality results.

One of the main services offered by Green Earth Powerwashing is pressure washing, which includes cleaning and restoring various surfaces such as parking garages, walkways, gutters, and building exteriors. They also specialize in gum removal, tackling the unsightly gum stains that can accumulate on sidewalks and pavements.

In addition to pressure washing, Green Earth Powerwashing excels in oil stain removal. They utilize techniques like acid wash and hot water cleaning to effectively eliminate oil stains from surfaces.

Graffiti removal is another service provided by Green Earth Powerwashing. They have the expertise to remove graffiti art from walls, floors, and other surfaces, leaving the property looking fresh and clean.

With their extensive experience and dedication to customer service, Green Earth Powerwashing has become a trusted choice for clients in commercial properties, HOA/Condo communities, shopping centers, and government facilities.

Overall, Green Earth Powerwashing offers comprehensive solutions for all power washing needs while prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering excellent results.