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Harassment Compliance Training LLC Logo

Harassment Compliance Training LLC

Los Angeles, CA
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Harassment Compliance Training is a company that specializes in providing comprehensive harassment prevention training services for businesses. They offer a range of training programs tailored to create a safe and respectful workplace environment.

Their on-site training program is designed for face-to-face, interactive sessions that can be customized to fit the specific culture and challenges of each company. It allows for immediate feedback and team building, strengthening cohesion among employees.

The virtual training program, conducted live on Zoom, offers flexibility and accessibility for participants from different locations and time zones. It utilizes advanced digital tools to ensure interactive learning experiences, such as polls, quizzes, and group discussions.

For those in need of a self-paced learning option, Harassment Compliance Training provides a digital self-paced program. This allows employees to access training materials anytime and anywhere, accommodating their individual learning pace and schedule.

In addition to these programs, Harassment Compliance Training offers specialized services such as Corrective Action Awareness Program and HR Training. These programs aim to address specific behavioral issues and empower HR teams to conduct effective harassment prevention training internally.

Overall, Harassment Compliance Training is committed to creating a positive workplace culture by fostering respect, diversity, and inclusion through their comprehensive harassment prevention training services.