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IGS Plantscaping Group Logo

IGS Plantscaping Group

2000 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60612
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IGS Plantscaping Group, based in Chicago, is a leading provider of interior plant design and horticultural services. Their mission is to create designs that inspire and promote health, wellness, and beauty through the use of plants. With their full-service plantscaping offering, they take care of every aspect, from environmental design to installation and maintenance, allowing clients to simply enjoy the benefits of having greenery in their space.

One fascinating fact about IGS Plantscaping Group is that they emphasize the positive impact that plants can have on a workplace. In fact, they state that having just one office plant can provide a 301% return on investment due to the improved health and well-being it promotes. Their services extend beyond interior plant design, as they also offer exterior landscaping services that focus on high-impact urban design. They understand the unique challenges posed by Chicago's weather and micro-climates and are skilled at creating welcoming landscapes that set the tone for any environment.

With a team of experts who are constantly searching for new ideas in science, design, and trends, IGS Plantscaping Group ensures that their clients' spaces remain fresh, efficient, and beautiful. They guarantee personal and professional satisfaction with their "concept-through-maintenance" approach. Whether it's bringing life to indoor spaces or enhancing outdoor areas with lush greenery, IGS Plantscaping Group has established themselves as a trusted name in the industry.