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Rehab Financial Group Logo

Rehab Financial Group

1062 Lancaster Ave, Rosemont, PA 19010
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Rehab Financial Group is a premier private hard money lender specializing in providing loans for house flippers, real estate rehab, and investment property construction. They offer a wide range of loan products to meet the diverse needs of investors. One of their popular loan options is the 100% Fix & Flip Premier loan, which is designed for borrowers with excellent credit scores and steady income. This loan allows borrowers to access 100% of the purchase and rehab funds, up to 75% of the after-repair value (ARV), including mixed-use properties.

Another financing option offered by Rehab Financial Group is Ground Up Construction financing. This loan provides a quick and effective alternative for financing 100% of the construction costs before transitioning into a long-term loan. It enables investors to fund new construction projects without tying up their own capital.

For experienced investors looking to maximize market rents, Rehab Financial Group offers Multi-family & Mixed-use Properties financing. This loan allows investors to obtain purchase and rehab financing for properties with 9+ units. It can also be used to refinance currently owned properties for renovation, thereby increasing their current market value.

Additionally, Rehab Financial Group provides 30-Year Rental Property Refinance & Purchase loans. These fixed-rate loans are suitable for investors seeking long-term financing options for rental properties. They offer an opportunity to streamline into a 30-year term Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan specifically designed for rental properties.

Rehab Financial Group stands out from other lenders by evaluating borrowers as a whole and using common-sense underwriting instead of rigid formulas. They take into account an applicant's full financial picture to make informed lending decisions. With over $300 million funded on thousands of private money loans, Rehab Financial Group has established itself as a trusted hard money lender in 38 states across the country. Their mission is to partner with financially-responsible borrowers who aspire to succeed in real estate investment.

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