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Seed & Spirit Distilling Logo

Seed & Spirit Distilling

1900 E Lincoln Ave C, Fort Collins, CO 80524
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Seed & Spirit Distilling is a small batch whiskey and handcrafted spirits distillery located in Fort Collins, Colorado. They specialize in producing high-quality and unique products fully in-house, with a focus on redefining true handcrafted spirits distilling. Their philosophy revolves around a "seed to spirit" approach, where they carefully source ingredients as close to the distillery as possible and use in-house malting, diverse recipe development, and innovative aging processes.

At Seed & Spirit, they aim to go beyond just creating exceptional spirits. They are committed to making a positive impact on their community and supporting non-profit organizations. Through the power of their customers' dollar, they contribute to various nonprofits and raise awareness for important causes.

In addition to their dedication to craft and community, Seed & Spirit is also excited about their upcoming Tasting and Mixing Room. Once completed, visitors will have the opportunity to try deliciously innovative cocktails made with their finest handcrafted spirits.

Join Seed & Spirit Distilling on their journey of crafting remarkable spirits while making a difference in the world. Explore their range of small batch whiskeys and experience the passion and craftsmanship behind each bottle.